Carol Casey

Groupfood Responsive Website

Eric is detail oriented and well prepared for every meeting. He submits great work on time and was instrumental in bringing the GroupFood aesthetic to life in our website UI. The fact that he is also experienced in UX was helpful to finishing a few areas of UX that needed building or refining.

Prerna Gupta
AutoRap Mobile Application

Eric has a great ability to balance creativity with resourcefulness, and speed. We came to him with an ambitious project - to design a magical experience for a new flagship app - AutoRap. It was a tight timeline, with many moving parts and demands. Eric did an exceptional job working with various members of our team, taking input and ideas, and coming up with something fresh, beautiful and evocative. He was a wonderful creative partner, and always personable and reliable. He was also very good at figuring out how to incorporate new technologies, even if he hadn't worked with them before. This allowed us to achieve our highest goals. With the help of his dedication and talent, we launched AutoRap on time, and with great results! AutoRap was the #3 app in the world when it launched, and continues to be a successful app to this day. I highly recommend Eric for a variety of design tasks.