Mike Savory

FINSYNC Desktop Application

As a startup developer of cloud accounting software our expertise is in building quality tools for small businesses. We didn't have the resources to also focus on the visual aspect of our application. We engaged Dewyngaert Design to help us make a visual statement with our product that would help convert and retain more customers. Eric was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to understand our business, our product and our customers. He had an intuition for our goals that clearly demonstrated his experience. The end result is a new visual design that makes our customers regularly say "Wow!" and allows us to look as impressive as our much larger competitors.

Prashanth Reddy

MyAlly Website Design

Eric's speed of execution was phenomenal and has been very easy to work with. I also appreciate the intense effort he has put in to understand our company origins & history evaluate our goals, needs and bring out the optimized experience for the end consumer. He responds quickly and with professionalism whenever we have a concern or a question. Overall it was a very enriching experience working with Eric and would highly recommend him.

Sumner Vanderhoof

Olami Project Unity Desktop & Mobile Platform

To create a design that resonated with a global audience across 28 countries we needed some additional expertise beyond the walls of our development shop. We reached out to Dewyngaert Design to help create a compelling global template that would resonate with audiences from all backgrounds. The Dewyngaert Design team facilitated an iterative and professional process that resulted in a successful launch and some great feedback from our users.

Prerna Gupta

AutoRap Mobile Application

Eric has a great ability to balance creativity with resourcefulness, and speed. We came to him with an ambitious project - to design a magical experience for a new flagship app. It was a tight timeline, with many moving parts and demands. Eric did an exceptional job taking input and ideas, and coming up with something fresh, beautiful and evocative. He was a wonderful creative partner, and always personable and reliable. He was also very good at figuring out how to incorporate new technologies, even if he hadn't worked with them before. This allowed us to achieve our highest goals. With the help of his dedication and talent, we launched on time, and with great results! AutoRap was the #3 app in the world when it launched, and continues to be a successful app to this day.

Carol Casey

Groupfood Responsive Website

Eric is detail oriented and well prepared for every meeting. He submits great work on time and was instrumental in bringing the GroupFood aesthetic to life in our website UI. The fact that he is also experienced in UX was helpful to finishing a few areas of UX that needed building or refining.

Byron Bardy

Oakview Advisors Responsive Website

We worked with Eric to launch our website shortly after founding our firm. He took our high level ideas and turned them into a simple, easy to navigate website with responsive design for mobile devices. He moved quickly and had excellent, clear communication during the back and forth to finalize the initial launch. Months later, when we were ready to add more content to the site, he cranked out the design and implementation very quickly. We couldn’t be happier with the result and will continue to use Eric for our future needs. Eric offers a tremendous price-to-value ratio that keeps him at the top of our list of vendors we like to work with!

Doug Roberts

Atlanta Falcons New Stadium Project

I have worked with Eric on a few projects over the past 5 months. He has helped create some critical sales collateral that will be crucial to our New Stadium sales campaign. He is always responsive, does great work, and is quick to turn around every request. I look forward to working with Eric on more projects to come.

Kimberly Bertrand

Millie Thrasher Website Design

Eric was a wonderful guide who simplified the process of creating a gorgeous website for our recording artist that focuses on clear brand messaging and content that matters most to fans. Not only was he very personable and easy to work with, Eric expeditiously delivered exactly what was needed and was very communicative throughout the process. We also appreciate that Eric has offered his continued support and guidance after the successful launch of the site. We look forward to working with him again on future projects!

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