Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station Rebrand

Affiliation with Ogilvy Atlanta

Convenience is a valuable part of life. As humans, we aspire to be encompassed in it. Our lives become busy. Stressful. Tiring. What if we lived in a world where everything was built to our preference, making inefficiencies disappear, creating an environment where we had the opportunity to spend more time focusing on the things that truly matter? Welcome to Atlantic Station.

Setting a trend for future neighborhoods, Atlantic Station officially opened in 2005 to offer people a new way to reside. Living, shopping, entertainment, & employment. All within walking distance. The concept was perfect, however, the brand wasn't. It was inconsistent, failing to convey the idea of what Atlantic Station had to offer.


We created the new concept for the brand of Atlantic Station. Forward Living.

It defines the neighborhood as innovative, fresh, and exciting, as well as a movement that people wanted to be apart of. I took the existing color palette of fresh pop colors, and applied them to the wayfinding of the area, making it even more convenient for a tenant to find what they're looking for. The branding extends across all signage, transportation, collateral, social media, and digital presence, creating a consistency for all mediums. The simple and modern typographic logo incorporates an arrow icon located on the top right corner. This symbol became the metaphorical representation of not only Forward Living, but of a progression to a positive lifestyle for all prospective residents.